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An Adversity Expert?

 This is not a title I ever envisioned on my professional résumé! However, life doesn’t come with a crystal ball or an instruction manual.  Life is simply a journey, an adventure and a process of learning. My life’s journey has allowed me to realize my professional passion. For over twenty-five years I have helped people  manage life’s challenges, obstacles and transitions. I have helped them reclaim their personal power. I have been the guide on the journey to mastering their goals and manifesting their dreams!


"Adversities can present us with the most dynamic, resouceful, inspirational and productive moments in our lives"


Yes I Have Had Life Challenges!

 In my bio you will read about some of my personal experiences. I share them because I believe that when you have faced a challenge or overcome an obstacle it is your responsibility to shine the light on the path to help another to do the same.  We do not live in a perfect world where everything goes according to plan. Too many times dreams and goals are given up or lost in the stronghold of life’s adversities and challenges. Our true successes in life, however, are determined by how we are able to redefine, redirect and refocus in the midst of those adversities and challenges.  I have always told my clients that when you choose to get off of the merry-go- round, the roller coaster is the only other ride in the park.  So, I know about fear. I know about disappointment and delays. I know how in one moment of time your life can be changed forever. I also know how to overcome fear and disappointment. I know about joy, happiness, and peace. I know about mastering the goals and manifesting the dreams that have been placed in your heart and   soul. I know how in one moment of time your life can change for the better.  I welcome the opportunity to be a part of your journey. As an author, speaker and life advisor your time with me will be fun and energetic, fulfilling and full of success! Be prepared to grow and to challenge yourself! Be prepared to master your goals and manifest your dreams! be prepared to celebrate yourself! Be prepared to Shift the Power!

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