Professional Experience


Tamara Vaughn BA JD LLM has been practicing law since 1991 and serving as a life adviser since 1998. Her professional background, her personal life experiences and her passion for helping others create positive outcomes in their lives make her unique as a professional life adviser, author and speaker.

Tamara developed strong analytical abilities through her education and years of legal practice. She was committed to working one on one with her clients and developed a holistic approach to better serve their needs. As a “Counselor at Law”, Tamara found it natural to guide them through their transitions and challenges. Her training as a mediator further developed her abilities to ask the powerful questions that would serve as a catalyst for change in their lives.

Tamara’s PowerShift techniques were also developed from the challenges in her own life. She has literally practiced that which she teaches. Tamara fully recovered from a life threatening eating disorder in 1982. She was a caretaker for a mentally and physically challenged father from 1985 until his passing in 2007. She lost her home and all of her personal belongings in South Dade to Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Tamara relocated to the west coast of Florida in 2002 and in 2004, Hurricane Charley destroyed her home and possessions again. Just returning from her honeymoon, the hurricane proved to be too much for a new marriage and she found herself separated and divorced in 2005. At the same time, her home remained in shambles, her father was diagnosed with cancer and her mother had a stroke.

Tamara has had to make the tough decisions personally and professionally. She has literally weathered the storms and has come out on the other side stronger, happier, successful and with her self-worth and integrity intact. Her gift as an author, speaker and adviser is to motivate and inspire others, despite their life’s challenges, to connect with the energy and empower themselves to do the same.

Tamara received her Bachelor of Arts, Juris Doctorate and Master of Laws from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. She presently resides in Ocala, Florida where she enjoys her menagerie of horses, cats and dogs.