The PowerShift Principle

Empowering Yourself Through Life's Challenges

 Are you faced with challenges? Do you feel as though you are reacting to your circumstances rather than directing your life? You can master your goals and manifest your dreams despite whatever adversities and challenges you are facing! In The PowerShift Principle: Empowering Yourself through Life's Challenges, Tamara describes the eight PowerShifts: Purpose, Prayer, Divine Direction, Time & Focus, Words and Thoughts, Partners and Parasites, Forgiveness and Gratitude, which will empower you through life’s challenges and enable you to master your goals and manifest your dreams. Sharing her own personal challenges of overcoming a life-threatening eating disorder, caring for a disabled parent, and rebuilding a life after Hurricanes Andrew and Charley, Tamara illustrates the importance of the "PowerShifts" to grow from “survive” to “thrive.” Filled with engaging stories, motivational quotes and straightforward strategies, The PowerShift Principle will inspire and encourage you to live the life of your dreams. You were never meant to lead a powerless existence! Shift the Power in your life today! The PowerShift Principle is a compelling read; chock full of wit, wisdom and inspiration. You’ll be amazed, as I was, at Tamara Vaughn’s strength and her ability to thrive in spite of adversity and setbacks. Vaughn’s message is crystal clear – you CAN overcome obstacles and live the life
you want!